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02-12-2010, 03:42 AM
Originally Posted by LoKi_
I've been grinding my character from t1 - t3 the past few days with pvp only.

I am realy dissapointed at the mentality of the average klingon pvper that just wants to loose as quickly as possible so they can que up for the next fight to just keep loosing and grind as fast as possible.

My fed is LvL 45 already and there is never any pvp at that level as the que usually has 120 feds in it and 5 Klingons.

I made my klingon toon to enjoy low lvl PvP and quite frankly I am shocked at the large desire to just get the round over with or the people that just shoot once then go AFK for the whole round..

Oh well /rant off
What you call going afk for the whole round is a big pile of smelly stuff. People have real lives....

I entered a pvp match yesterday, then the phone rang. Being on call I have to pick up straight away so the game then gets ignored.


Yes I have seen the suicide players and I agree it is not good but as pointed out, get a team together and play PvP. If you loose then you can only blame yourselves and not pass the buck to others.

Its also a shame when one or more players decide not to join the team when the match begins. You are then left with one or more solo hero wannabes that guarantee you will loose.