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02-12-2010, 03:43 AM
Originally Posted by Jeff-Taron
I have a question about storyline missions
I have just completed Heading out chain and this is the second time Starfleet has been used by an Undine infiltratior.
What I am wondering is in later missions do we get to start hunting these infiltraitors down.
Since most have probably done the Undine Ambassador mission I don't consider this a spoiler.

But having a mission say you were fooled, when the mission gave you no choice to do anything other then follow that mission script, is bad writing at best.

If I am told to do a mission. And all the missions are simply do this do that without choice, then laughing at the character for doing that, is laughing at the game mechanics of having only one way to do the mission. Or game sabotage at best, since you cant give a negative for doing what the game says is the game flow pattern. If you were wrong it should be because of some choice other then choosing to play the game in the only method it has.

Lots of people probably thought that. I just did the mission, and some how it is the char fault when there was no other choice given? If there was any way, or hint or method for an alternative flow, that would make sense, but in its current state it is bad.

It is true you could cancel the missioin, but that is not the best way when from what I have heard that is a big story line with many more missions.

On a side note, it could be an inside joke on Trek fans. Getting them to do un Trek like things in the game. Or a joke from people that bought the game franchise and do not like the trek fans or something. A few other missions could be layered over the development of game. Think of the missions as the story of the game development and some actually match. But not in a good way for Trek Fans.

However I prefer to give people chances, so as to not to jump to conclusions based on interpretation. So not saying it is a dirrect inside joke, only that having no options is bad playstyle, and is not very Trek like. Which may be the intent, or just mistakes. Have to wait to see if they fix it.