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02-12-2010, 04:26 AM
Originally Posted by theCorvus
Except you are going about it bass ackwards. You shouldn't want to sit still in an escort because you will get hit and die. Not because running your engines at full throttle magically makes your cannons use less energy.

And the problem still is retarded AI. In PvP the problem is blobbing which wouldn't be solved by these changes, they would just encourage people to switch to beams instead.

Personally I think that in the end game content cannons are going to become unappealing very quickly because of the limited arc limiting spreading incoming damage over shield sectors.
You are mistaken. In endgame, cannons are exclusively the most powerful weapon in the game. In order to make cannons effective you have to have something that balances out the firepower. Using less energy by using thruster can be explained as the heat generated by the engines is being output through the cannons or something along those lines. The arc on a cannon is never an issue considering they are almost always on the ships with the best agility.