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02-12-2010, 05:12 AM
Originally Posted by Axterix
They'll use 'em faster than you can supply them with things. And with the current state of ground combat, no, there really is no reason to give them the items, unless you're just going to destroy them anyway. Once you get your guys (and yourself) out of the starting gear, ground combat is easy. Maybe you'd want to hand them some if you ever run into a fight that does give you some trouble. But that would be a rarity.

They don't lose items.
My fights vs the borg in the 3 newest missions were pretty tough occasionally. I HATE those slow walking zombies. :p
If you don't instant kill them right away their personal shields come up and that's when things get tough. My friend and I developed some controversial tactics to beat them now, but fights definately get harder end-game.

We actually had to use the respawn button about 3 - 4 times before figuring out a better tactic. Usually we just breeze through the combat though, with the only hard thing being an occasional boss.

Try Collateral damage if you want a new challenge.

OT: I always keep them well supplied, but I don't really pay attention to when stuff gets used. It does seem to go a lil easier with them fully supplied then without. Apart from food I get the impression they use the items wisely. Food is just instantly used though, doesn't matter if we're out of combat and at full health.