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02-12-2010, 05:25 AM
Originally Posted by AzraelnemesisX
Just out of curiosity, What level and how do you pickup the Cardassia/wormhole missions?
If I recall correctly, the main DS9 / wormhole missions are given at about Captain 5 ish. Which is odd because you are actually given quests for that area (Patrol, Exploration and Defend missions) at Captain 1, so it leaves you wondering about certain things until they are explained later.

Btw, whoever gave the go ahead to put in the two Entertainment commodities / stem bolts missions (which is just prior to the DS9/Wormhole missions) needs shooting. Why force players to spend that amount of money just to complete a mission? Its ridiculous and unbelievable. Its part of the main storarc missions and therefore must be completed, but to expect players to mess about like that is just silly.