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it takes about an average 10 to 15mins to do one pvp match wich at level 16 gives 90 skillpoints ,
by the same time the 15mins i could close to do 3 starcluster missions wich is pve that gives me 190skillpoints
to be honest i tought we as klingons where a pvp faction that would gain our exp trough fighting...

Right now common trend for pvp by klingons is kill us and lets get the exp faster, so bascially ppl are throwing in the towel to get the loosing side exp faster then actually putting up a fight for it.. ...

I dont know i dont think cryptic actually wanted pvp to be like that 1 side gives up and just join fight to sit there and wait for pvp loss exp while other side just run around killing everything pvp right now is not worth the time invested in it..

So make up your mind CRYPTIC are we a PVP faction then make pvp worth it or give us PVE like feds.