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02-12-2010, 06:05 AM
Originally Posted by ELITE-Kaos View Post
What you call going afk for the whole round is a big pile of smelly stuff. People have real lives....

I entered a pvp match yesterday, then the phone rang. Being on call I have to pick up straight away so the game then gets ignored.
The polite thing to do in that case is to hit "beam out". Leave the match.

It's no different than, say, playing poker with strangers. If your phone rings and you need to stop playing and answer it then fine, but you fold, forfeit the hand and you leave the table. You make it your loss instead of everyone else's.

It's common courtesy and common sense.

And if you did it in a well maintained FPS server they'd boot you out in relatively short order because you're making teams uneven and taking up a spot that could be used by an active player.