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02-12-2010, 06:08 AM
Originally Posted by Kinja
Last night in T3, Both Salvage maps had over 100 Feds vs 0-5 Klingons waiting. I saw 120-130 feds in a queue regularly. Cracked Planet was around 35 feds to 0-5 Klingons. This was from about 8-10pm EST.
This is because, especially in tier 2, the salvage maps are more difficult due to not having a tank type ship. Damage alone does not win that map and keeping a BoP decloaked so that others can line up an attack on it is not a wise decision and you have to keep it decloaked in order to capture the control points.

In higher tiers you have to remember that the klingons have a mission which rewards them for playing in 7 hostile engagements. Notice that I said hostile engagements. This mission does not tick over for the salvage maps, so playing a salvage map is, if you are trying to catch up to the rest of your fleet who all are in tier 5 and not suiciding all the time but actually trying to win the maps, a loss of around 20 skill points per salvage map played. Add to this that klingons really have to at the top of their game to have a chance on those maps due to a generally better staying power of the 10 man fedball that always seem to come together and full impulse around the map as one entity, I don't see the point in queuing for that map and, it would appear, neither do a lot of other klingons.