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02-12-2010, 07:37 AM
I'm not by any stretch what you would call a directx expert but the way I understand it is this. DX11 is backward compatible with DX9 and 10. Something written on the older dx versions SHOULD run on Dx11... the problem comes in when something is not actually compatible and the minimum dll's a program needs might not be in dx11 (or they just don't work the way the dev though it would) or they might not be fully compatible.

The "fix" I suspect is to install the directx distribution of the version the software is expecting. So in this case dx9. Kind of like what happens when you firs tinstall sto. This should get the mising or bad versions of the dll's the software is looking for on the machine. Now if there is a problem with the redistribution package STO sends us.. there could have a problem. Not everyone could be seeing the problem because not everyone will have the exact same versions of dx9 dlls.

if someone knows more about directx and would care to correct me please do. My understanding is a bit fuzzy.

Before you try installing the dx9 distribution you might want to create a restore point. You can't uninstall it. I don't think this will actually hurt anything though if you do install it.