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02-12-2010, 06:56 AM
Originally Posted by Bloodlance View Post
We like to play only Cracked Planetoid as the other maps are just badly done for us.
Originally Posted by Bloodlance View Post
stop talking !!! NI !

Klingons do Cracked planetoid as its fast and exp per hour is best from that (PvE mission is retardedly boring).

But still the exp per hour from PvP is not balanced if compared to PvE exp from missions in Fed side or Klingon side.
You do realize that if you can't get into cracked (0-30) queue for whatever reason (e.g. feds don't want to deal with certain ******** that is in the game atm), and the queue for capture and hold is 120-0, that said capture and hold might be faster xp than pve and cracked?

It's human nature to favor an environment that plays to your strengths. Capture and hold plays to the feds strengths in that the Klinks have to actually decloak (god forbid) when doing something other than trying to gank an escort (like capturing a point).

Cant wait for FvF though. If the current population dynamic is any indication, it will be nice solid 120 or "60-60" queue all day long for capture and hold and whatnot.