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02-12-2010, 07:55 AM
Short-term requests
  • Color Tribbles by their Rarity to easily denote what type they are and add their effects in the main, up-front, tool-tip.
  • Allow the Klingon (or all) Bridge Officers to actually use the Bat'leth in combat.
  • Make all the Space Traits spawn on all the BO Races, not just Efficiency on Saurians.
  • Add "Equipped" to item's tool-tips when they are indeed equipped to easily tell which tool-tips you are looking at or compairing.
  • Clearly define what each of the Stats in both our Characters and Ships REALLY mean and do as well as adding missing Stats, Turn Rate for example.
  • Allow our Pet Shuttles to stay in space with us even in combat and able to summon them in Sector Space.
  • Add many more key-bindings, such as, but not limited to: Toggle for 1/2 resolution, Switching Between Power Presets, Changing Instances, a Walk TOGGLE (not a hold down to walk button), Hiding the UI, Rearanging the UI, and I could go on if I could think more clearly.
  • Allow us to set whatever we like to Auto-Fire (If the player cannot manage their power, then they shouldn't be fighting space battles in the first place, do not dumb it down for us).
  • Stop the Flagship from camping the Spawn Point in the Secure Missions after it has been completed.
  • Put back in the Pop-Up list when you are engaged by a Secure Mission Mob in Sector Space (still allowing players to have it not show for those who prefer it the way it is now).
  • Allow us to have all of our ships the same name, but a different Call Letter in the Registry if it is the same name and another of your own ships. Having to add a -A or -B, etc., on the end of the name is not how it is done in Star Trek.
  • Allow us to name our own Alien Species. Every Race in Star Trek is an Alien to one another so it makes no sense for us to be labeled as an "Alien." I want to be able to have is say "Half Betazoid" should I so choose, or even "Zebulonian" should I desire.
  • We need better Community Relations. We need more responses to our forum inquiries as well as more chatting with us from our Community Representatives in both a professional aspect as well as a humorous and Community orientated fashion.
  • We need more Moderating on this forum! Seek out those trolls!
  • We need MUCH BETTER GM Page response times. Waiting DAYS and LONGER for a GM Page to even be replied to, and then to get a copy/paste message that is irrelevant to the Paged Topic needs to be looked into and resolved immediately.
  • You have to stop these Credit Spammers! You know it is bad when I have blocked tons of Spammer and then Six or So hours later, I hear people complaining about Credit Spammers in action and yet I do not see any because I have Already Blocked them, yet they are STILL there!!!! As well, I have OVER 60, yes SIXTY accounts ignored for Credit Spamming in my list! This is Out of Control!

Mid-term requests
  • Allow passage to Betazoid and the ability to visit it. (My family misses me!)
  • Allow us to actually beam down to Earth and visit it as well as place Vendors (earth foods) and even Earth-Based Missions (Diplomacy, Science, etc).
  • Need I say, Skill Resets?
  • Better Turn Rates for Cruisers. The Enterprise would self-destruct itself if it turned as bad as we do. As well, Clearly Define What Turn Rate and Inertia is, what it does, and how it is affected by our skills and items. We See Little to No Result from our Consoles and Auxiliary Power Settings.
  • Allow us to un-train bridge officers and gain a small fraction of those points back.
  • Make it so when a High Level Player is Teamed with a Lower Level Player helping that player with their Mission the Spawned Mobs to not level up to the highest level team member. This makes teaming with friends almost impossible unless they are your level. There needs to be some other form of balance here other than this ridiculous up-scaling so those lower levels aren't one shot killed.
  • We need more Hot-Bars in space. One or Two more Hot Bars should suffice. I am Captain 3 and my three bars are completely Full!
  • Allow the individual Hot-Bars to be un-clamped from one another and placed wherever we like.
  • Add a Plaque to the Bridges of our Starhips complete with Name and Registry and such.
  • Fix all of the Captain's Chairs so you can more easily sit in all of them. Some like the Classic and Triump, you cannot even get close enough to the seat to sit in them properly.
  • Make it so when you do go to the Bridge and Hail Starfleet, that the person Hailed actually appears on your Viewscreen instead. See my post here for a graphical representation on this.
  • Put in some Graphic Option to disable the Graphics lag caused by Nebulae and Gas Clouds (this is the only graphics lag I experience).

Long-term requests
  • Allow full 360 degree movement in space.
  • Add a Fishing sub-skill. This is one thing I have always loved in MMOs and even though this is a space game, it would be nifty.
  • Add many many more diplomacy, science, and puzzles solving Mission for the Federation. The way it is now, we are too Hostile and should instead call ourselves Klingons. No offense.
  • Allow us to choose what type of Exploration Mission we wish to enter in the Nebulas, like Diplomacy, Gathering, Confrontation, etc.
  • Make a Borg Faction where we can be a True Borg Drone complete with PvE and PvP Missions.
  • Create Joined-Trill Bridge Officers that any player may acquire through in-game means.
  • Allow Admirals+ to create their own unique Class of Starships.

I'm sure I'll think of more and will add them in a new post so they are not over-looked. This is just what I could recall or think of in my sleep-deprived state. I am sure I am not thinking of everything I have been wanting to get off my chest.

Thank you for your time.