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02-12-2010, 07:56 AM
Originally Posted by Ellandess View Post
I'm getting fed up to the back teeth of some Klinks (and worth noting some Feds too, but mainly Klinks) using a sequence of skills in ground pvp to give themself TOTAL immunity from all damage for 10 seconds. I'm well aware of the sequence and well aware of the exploit, what annoys me is a whole team of Klinks running around giving 'skillz and hypoz' as a reason for this immunity.

Deliberately using a known exploit to win is not only pathetic and skill-less but it's damaging to pvp and your reputation - that's the players responsibilty. The fact that you're playing with the 'tools' Cryptic has given you in no ways dissolves your responsibility to at least play fairly. Win fairly and show your ability.

You can give me the cry more noob response and the QQ if you like. It doesn't detract from the fact that Cryptic needs to fix it and players need to consider their reputation before they claim to be skilled.

EDIT: And don't confuse this exploit with someone using hypos and shields at the last moment - the difference is you see their shield/health bar drop and return - those using the exploit have NEITHER bar move at all.
Blame the game?