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02-12-2010, 09:33 AM
Originally Posted by Meat_Machine
The poopsockers always hit cap first.

Here's the real comedy:

Cryptic nerfs everyone else, and gives a content upgrade for the poopsock crowd. Go figure.

"Here's to you cheeto-stained fingers poopsock guy!

All y'all that exploited and remained unemployed in your habichair, runnin' yer cheeto-stained fingers over your 'die in pvp' key until you hit admiral, have some purple drops from new content! We love you, cheeto-stained fingers poopsock guy.

So crack open some new content"

<A real gamer herooooo>

And for the rest of us? A longer grind, and the same garbage content we had in closed beta. Go us!
First they increase the kills required for ground without compensating with more SP, and now they go and NERF it? I was wondering why I'm only getting 90 a match (20-25 off my usual).

Cryptic has the reaction time of a sloth. This isn't an issue anymore. They people who would do it, have already done it and benefitted from it.

You make US pvp for our supper and then make us chew slowly, while numb nuts overthere wolfed his down and your fixing him another plate?

Think, Cryptic *bashes cryptic in the forehead* think!