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02-12-2010, 08:41 AM
Talk about OLD games, I played Archon, spent a lot of time playing that. The 2nd one was not as good ><
M.U.L.E, I spent a lot of time playing that.
And the zork games.
Zaxxon was ok too but it was a lil repetetive.
Only kid in my neighborhood that had a c64 and I learned to code some games on that, it was pretty ez =D

As far as console games I liked goldeneye. Me and some friends would put a piece of plywood in the middle of the screen and play teams..all night long. (friend had a 42" tv which was huge back then)
Same w/ the first genghis khan, played so many hours of that and I would play it today if I had an old NES.

I forgot fallout 3, that was really good too.
Not that many newer games that grab me.