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02-12-2010, 08:44 AM
Well to be honest it seems like a HUGE SLOW grind at t2 to get to t3. I am all kinds of hot and heavy to want to get to T3 as a klingon so I can have my old school K'tinga. After that It can be as slow as mollasses and I'll bide my time waiting for the pve klingon content after. Not eager to haver to leave my K'tinga LOL.
But I understand the frustration.
Right now I do NO pvp'ing as a Fed. I p[lay Klingon when I want to pvp and Fed when I want to pve.
I know I should do some pvp as a feddy as it would help me better fighting against them once I have some more in depth knowledge and experience of what they can do in pvp, but...I want to explore and adventure as it were as a feddy and I want to blow stuff up and conquer as a Kling lol.
But yes, it is boring doing the exact same "instances" over and over as a kling. Even the pvp, the large ones are still not much more than an arena of one type or another.
I hope they bring in some kind of open area with Stabase captures and or planet captures etc. Would be fun, but for now......I'll just keep hammering away. Now it would also be nice if we had more character slots and the ability to turn off exp. We couls make characters to stay at lower levels and whatnot, but again, thats just me.