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02-12-2010, 09:22 AM
Originally Posted by Rasmussen View Post
I'm sorry; I didn't realize you were the final word on exploits.

Carrier mechanics have been the same since they were introduced,.
Yeah, yeah. Let's just hope these obvious exploits get fixed before the devs nerf carriers. Cryptic has a bad habit of waking up from sleeping on the keyboard, seeing the first post that hits their eye and nerfing things rather than fixing the underlying issue.

You can quit with the extremely lame and insincere attempts at defending exploiting. If you were meant to summon all the pets, obviously there would be no different types of equippables. If engineers were meant to summon a turret I II and III, and if bops were meant to be able to swap in 4 different boffs to get 4 different buffs, they would have those slots too.