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02-12-2010, 09:53 AM
Originally Posted by Rasmussen View Post
Usually you come with more than just your opinion, I guess I've set the bar for you too high.

In either case, the only change Cryptic has made is lengthen the cooldowns to 1 min (yesterday's patch). A carrier caught after a respawn without all its pets out is DOA. If Cryptic changes the mechanics to only 1 pet type even out of combat, they will lose the little utility they have.

Between no pet contols, the Bop's low speed (can't keep up with the Carrier on minimum engine power), shield bots that only serve to protect the carrier from ramming and siphons that die with one beam shot.

If you can only have 1 type and Fighers are clearly superior in every possible way, why did Cryptic bother with the other 3?
Because carriers weren't tested -at all-. They are guaranteed to be utterly broken, as are so many other things in this wonderful game.

My concern is that I don't want them to nerf carriers due to cries from feds, over an exploit.

Truth is, carriers appeared in beta to me to be underpowered sci ships with (at the time) absurdly powerful pets. Now the pets are weak. If you 'sploit the swap gear bug, it's not obvious how weak the ship is and it'll get nerfed rather than actually fixed.

The pets appear to scale with whatever magic knob they turn to make npcs tougher and weaker. They are (or were) in fact NPCs - they even dropped loot at one point.