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02-12-2010, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by IfniLuck
Cry me a river, admiral. This lowly lt commander hasn't even seen 100K total yet.
Are you serious? My main LtC1 has ~50k, my 2nd LtC1 has ~40k, my Lt2 (tribble breeder, rarely leaves the station except for vendor food runs) has 10k. I can't imagine making Cmdr with <250k on each main toon unless I start spending hand over fist. You must be spending crazy credits on the exchange.

I rarely buy stuff on the exchange, its so full of **** you can't find things in a prudent manner so except for the occasional player to player purchase, I spend little except at vendors. I have to admit I did buy a Romulan Ale off the exchange for about 6k so I could get into the higher level tribbles. But that was last week. Now, I can't find ale on there for <20k. I am not going to pay that. I will wait until I can loot it.