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02-12-2010, 10:21 AM
Originally Posted by Ravenstein View Post
So, I tried that youtube link.

And then what?

Rather nice looking guy appears, followed by clips of a guy, pizza, and Coke. Overall, meh.

Is this a humor channel? Is this a channel of video blogs? Is this a channel of how to videos?

But I noticed a distinct lack of bunnies, Persona, My-HiME, Haruhi, Warhammer, Venture Brothers, The Tick, flamethrowers, epic swordfights, phasers, and penguins.

Call me when these issues are corrected.

I'm flattered....I am guy in blue shirt

Its our new comedy channel.
our old one...had good stuff on it...but i wanted to take a new direction.
We are local performers, who entertain a large following in london. However we decided to go online!

I have no bunnies...but you should check out my FML video on that channel if you are looking for cuteness....

subscribe and lemme know what ya think