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02-12-2010, 12:08 PM
It's really the best ability you can get for t4 easily.

For Klingon Cruisers you have to use it. There's simply no downside and it makes all heads up matches auto win. The opponent pretty much stops hurting you and it lasts for 25s! Combine that with 2 RSPs and people will very, VERY soon be crying about how this ability lasts too long.

For Fed characters it's still the best ability but not a 'must have' like for Klingons. The reason is the turn rate and playstyle. It's much tougher to spam this ability every 45s when compared to klingons, but it's still incredibly powerful to use on an off target.

By T4 I mean the highest rank BO eng slot. Your only options are aceton field, boarding party, and eject warp plasma. Real no brainer.