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# 1 Rocking The T1, Dreading T2
02-12-2010, 12:36 PM
So I gave in and worked on a Klingon-side character for a bit. The easiest way to do that is, of course, via PvP and so it was that I thrust myself into PvP for a short while. I engaged the Federation and found it a tad okay, not really exciting and my overall BOFF setup was the generic starting one.

It was then that I noticed a distinct lack of defense in the overall setup of BoPs, and it got me thinking...I had universal slots didn't I?

Currently my Tier1 Level 8 Bird of Prey is set up:
1 Dual Heavy Cannon, 1 Dual Phaser Bank, 1 Phaser Turret(All mark two greens)
Engineering Team
Hazard Emitters
Emergency Power to Shields

I also have Rotate Shield Frequency and Emergency Maneuvers.

I have won 3v1 situations..not often, not always, but once I did. I was all "OH GOD YES I ROCKED YOU HARD" and I made sure the Feds knew it too via Zone

But what I'm dreading is what's going to happen in Tier2...right now I am completely obliterating the Feds that I fight, I outlast them and out maneuver them, so I always win in the end. I don't kill them too fast, but I always kill them in one on one situations. I'm constantly finishing matches with 8-1 k:d and top of the board in damage and healing. I also heal my teammates that I see are getting targetted, making ignoring me in a fight all but impossible...

But in Tier2 is this even going to work out, or am I going to get thrashed so hard that I'm going to cry?