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02-12-2010, 12:47 PM
Oh how I wish I'd seen this before I got mine... I was really looking forward to these considering they're Admiral only. Why oh why do you insist on using the same pathetic idea as you do for plasma torpedoes? Being able to shoot it down is one thing, a one minute cooldown is another but when they fail completely after you fire and they get stuck at some random point between you and your target it is truly ridiculous!

Pick one of these options, not both. I don't care about the high damage, reduce it to be higher than quantum but not 12k, make it like normal torpedoes with perhaps double the cooldown. I realise they're supposed to be rarely used for the sheer destructive power but I'd take almost anything over the frustration I feel when not only does it bug out but a ship explosion near it takes it out. It's the same reason I rejected plasma torpedoes but at least those you don't have to wait so long before it fails again.

The way they are currently with that massive cooldown makes them nice to look at when they work but from a damage perspective they're quite pointless unless you're very careful with firing them. Then again, if you do that you're effectively crippling your damage output. Please look hard at these and change them to something more appropriate.