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02-12-2010, 12:49 PM
Originally Posted by Rasmussen View Post
They'd be foolish not too, everyone will have canceled by then. PVP population has already fallen off a cliff. It's going to be a ghost town on day 31.
Honestly, It would be a very bad move to release the update before the free month. The content was announced to keep players past the free period and into the first paid month. This game seems to be designed around getting as many sales as possible and lifetime subs to cover all of development and most of the profits, anyone who pays the monthly is just the cherry on top. If they were to release the new content any earlier, These would be the scenarios:

1) Content works, but gets beat in 1-2 days and everyone once again has beat 45+ days of development in 2 day. Mass exodus of the endgame/hardcore players.
2) Content is buggy, Mass exodus due to frustration of Cryptic's incompetence. (btw there was no internal testing for the latest "content", this is very obvious)
3) Content works, is imbalanced and unbeatable. At this point they may keep many of the hardcore players who want to stay till they beat it, at least for the first paid month. Someone runs the numbers and find that this was just a brick wall Cryptic added to halt advancement. Mass exodus of frustrated players or casuals who don't want to slam head into said wall.

This may all happen when they do release it but if they wait 15 days AFTER the free period, they gain hundreds of thousands of subscriptions for 1 month month at the very least. This can equate to millions in profit. They are the Ferengi of today.

All in all, the majority of players who will stay for any longer period of time will be the lifetimers who play casually because they paid for a "lifetime" to do it and the month subs who like to take it "slow" and "enjoy" the "content" all the way to 45 (still really takes under 3 days played even if it your first MMO).