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02-12-2010, 12:56 PM
To begin with, I am not griping about this ability, yet, there is something that needs to be done to correct the multiple usage upon one person in PvP.

To get straight to the point..

I went into a PvP match with two people (at least that I noticed - maybe a third) with Viral Matrix. They did a complete rotation of the ability. Now I don't fully recall how long it disables your ship/abilities but I do know that as soon as I came out of the first "purple cloud of death", I instantly found myself under another one. Then again, it could be one person with a Photonic Officer. I dunno.

This is a great ability and there are always counters, but there needs to be some form of diminishing returns upon using it over and over on the same person before a death.

Now I know there will be some that come in screaming L2P and whatever due to my thoughts. I'm not complaining about the overall ability's function, yet, repeating becomes a little excessive. I don't really care if they change the overall function...just to make that clear. This isn't the only ability that gets abused I'm sure, but it's the one I'm sharing about at the moment.