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02-12-2010, 01:59 PM
Top level content only will not solve the problem - people will still have to grind PvP to get to top level - and who actually loves to do that for 40+ levels?

Sure the Generals will have use for it (I am one), but the rest? Do you see a new level 5 Klingon going all pink and fluffy with joy that there is some meager level 45 content for him to do? Or do you see him depressed after the 5th Kahless run as PvP experience is nerfed?

The faction cannot and will not survive on Generals alone, since there is really no incentive to reach the final rank. Feds have so many options to level (at least on paper, in reality they are all Kill x amount of something), plus crafting, plus story, plus more diverse areas to explore that there is really ZERO point in playing a Klingon once FvF comes in the 45 day patch.

But that may be the plan - Cryptic has invested nothing in the Klingons (as evidenced by this week's content patch), and will continue to invest only minimal resources after it polishes the REAL game - Fed side.