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02-12-2010, 02:08 PM
My question, how does a death penalty help RP? Like in EQ... you spawned at a graveyard and had to run back to your corpse and collect all your belongings. Huh? So what, youre a zombie now?

Me, I always ignored the DP. Youre supposed to be an epic hero, saving the world. (atleast in theory). Epic Heroes dont die (usually), and when they do, its either tragic or spectacular, but on an epic scale.

I dont see why there has to be a DP to facilitate RP. So you spawned back at the beginning of the instant and are magically whole again. Simple, you stealthed and limped away and repaired. >.> Or maybe once the baddies defeated you, they left your firey hulk and went after their next victim. How many times was the Enterprise trashed, but most of the crew survived?