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02-12-2010, 03:47 PM
Originally Posted by Sandstone View Post
This is an amazingly tough mission. I'm utterly stuck. Don't stop dying. Can't even find the damn towers.

The one (1) I did find was the tower placed DIRECTLY BEHIND YOU ON BEAM DOWN (wtf is that about?).

No idea where the rest are. Is this one of those mission you need to wait until you're super high level and come back for, or at least wait for a decent wiki site to post maps of where the damn towers are. This one is so not fun.
Are you stupid? Open your map. There are three sections joined to the centre. You have to disable three shield generators. Go figure.

I did what some people above me have done - go around the outside. Makes it a little easier. And really, it isn't 'amazingly tough'. Just think things through and don't go charging in Leroy Jenkins style.