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02-12-2010, 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by Great_Milenko
This isnt meant as a dig or a troll just a question
How do you reconcile the lack of any kind of death penalty or escape mechanic in role playing?
Other games have things that allow you to explain away the death mechanic. Like the 400 lb gorilla, WoW, the run back to body or rez. This game doesnt seem to lend itself to RP easily as the combat aspects seem to be more "simulator" designed, with the 10 sec respawn thing. Like the space combat is a star trek flavored spaceship simulator etc.
How do you reconcile losing your ship - with all hands - only to have it reappear in the same area a few seconds later? Holographic ships and quantum singularities only work as explanations so long before you have to face the fact that you and your crew are effectively immotral and this kinda kills the suspense
Simple, you never die in ground combat and you can always be rez'd by team mates and or Bridge officers, however if you rez, its kind of like the irector going "Cut, lets take it from the top of the last battle":p