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02-12-2010, 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by Admiral-flint
I have been saying this over and over, in almost every topic where somebody comes up saying "hey I got a tier III skill from a rare BO, so what's the problem?".
So here we go again, yet an other attempt to inform people how the game currently works:

Yes you can get level III skills from rare BOs, quite a couple different ones actually.
However, with the one single exception of Attack Pattern Omega III, you can not get any level III skills at all that can be unlocked by players through the player skill tree.

The rank III skills that are found on rare BOs are those that are neither available through the power store on the starbase nor through unlocking by investing skill points. Again, Attack Pattern Omega III is a lonely exception and I actually suggest taking advantage of this while possible. Chances are the availability of this skill through rare BOs will be removed at some point.
Sorry for just copy pasting this from an other topic but I don't want the OP to get misinformed.

Edit: to clarify: the above quote only refers to rare reward BOs and the (in-)ability to get certain skills from them.
Unlocking tier III BO skills through the player skill tree does work, but players can only unlock skills through this way that match their own character's career/profession (tactical, engineering, science).