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02-12-2010, 03:28 PM
Originally Posted by lunatec View Post
I dunno, I have hit some really strong quantum mines before.
I have flown through mine fields CLOAKED, with no shielding at all, and hit like 15 mines and still wasn't destroyed. I was hurt pretty bad, but still in one piece. I was just clearing them out so it would be easier to target the enemies and we stomped them in the ground with extreme prejudice because the mine spam is irritating.

Mines are basically skill-less torpedoes. Fed players just get right up in your face because they don't understand how to properly maneuver in a battle then just drop mines all over you because it's easy and they don't miss.

What they don't realize apparently is that half those mines hit multiple shield facings which just further mitigates any damage potential there.

If I had my way, i'd make mines do AOE damage and hit friendly ships as well as enemies. Then maybe the feds would think twice before surrounding themselves with 50 of them.