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02-12-2010, 03:38 PM
As many people have already said, role-playing death into the game is a challenge. However, this is a far-future setting so why not come up with your own mechanics to explain the lack of death. For example;

a. Death in ground missions, you are simply knocked out or badly wounded. You can be healed by your team and if a complete team-wipe occurs, the ship in orbit transports you back to safety.

b. Ship is destroyed in space combat, Star Fleet has transwarp technology now so when a ship is crippled an emergency corridor is formed and the ship is warped to safety for repair.

Just because Cryptic does not explain the how the system works does not mean we cannot fill in the lines. When it comes to RP, sometimes making your own story tangents is the most fun. Strictly sticking to cannon info can limit your own storylines.