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I fly a Science Ship - got through to Time Savior,

Started the mission, got to defend the USS ENterprise,
so I did!

> Attacked the IKB from the future first - took it down quite quick.
> Then it starts flying around at super speed and I can't target it anymore...
> So I focus my attention on the other 2 enemy ships.
> Destroy the first ship and almost destroy the 2nd ship,
> BUT I leave the little circle on the map to see if I can kill the IKB that is buzzing around further out in space
> [I suspect] the Enterprise destroys the 2nd enemy. (I thought my rear phasers would do the trick...oppps)

Now the mission does not complete. The IKB from the future is just buzzing around out back and forth in space.

I aborted the mission and went back to "continue" it but the result is that the mission does not reload, the request from the Enterprise happens, etc.. but the IKB is still buzzing around and there are no other enemies!


Posted a GM request / Bug Report but that was over a day ago!

Anyone knows how to work around this?