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02-12-2010, 03:39 PM
I'm a big fan of viral matrix myself, but I should side with logic this time.

When you fly a sci ship, it is possible to stack 3 viral matrices total, on two sci officers (crazy 1-on-1 setup). Rank 9 VM takes about 1 min cool down, each lasts a little more than 20s. Potentially you can prevent your enemy from even firing a single shot. All that was ONE sci ship, now talk about two...

What I really want is something you can do about it AFTER you get infected. If I have a science team sitting here, and the computer has a virus, I should be able to have them clean it up. Currently, you can't use any logically appropriate skills to counter VM because the UI is completely disabled. I think if I have a science team, at least I should be able to clear VM after the probe reaches me.