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That are my feelings about Fleet Actions and here is why:

Ground: you beam down there are dozends of uncoordinated Starfleet Officers doing nothing but walking. No defenseline to break through, no Squads (o.K sometimes you see groups of 3 of them but at least they are just walking or standing around without any sense) , no regmiments or something like that just unreliable placed NPCs. All you can do is shoot at them without any sense and looking after the items you need to finish the mission. After one hour or so you get some green or white item nobody needs because one bought better stuff for PvP. Even blue stuff IF IT DROPS is fully sense- and useless for most of the players.

Same with fleetactions: Remember the storyline: a Federation Fleet enters the Klingon space to conquer it (or something like that). But all you find when you go in is: uncoordinated vessels one left, two righ, two above and one under you for example. Last mission is to kill Dreadnoughts. How logical is that for an invading fleet? The Admiral let kill all the small ships and at the end the biggest of all warps in completely alone to be destroyed?

IN my opinion Fleetactions are just uncharitable designed grinding maps for no loot and no xp and a waste of time for most Klingons I spoke to. Result is as good as noone does play it.

Fleetactions are just a bad forged idea from WHO but in that game it made sense at least because of good items as reward, and a logical design with partly real demanding endbosses.

At least this mistakes makes just a musical interlude (is that the right term?) out of a good idea. I ask for Fleet Actions with a little bit of Star Trek feeling, with a bit o ideas and storyline and a understandable design