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At the moment its really not enjoyable here are some of the problems i have with it.

Not only do you not have a designated respawn point but theres no count before it starts, so that players join randomly and once one team is able to organise themselves theres no way to get back to even.

Some powers are just stupidly over powered in pvp, i basicly got vapourised four times in a row without being able to stick a shield generator or health generator down, which i might add does sod all to help in pvp. they take to long to put down especially the cover shield which also has a long cooldown.

Theres so many holes in the basics of the pvp arena systems i just don't understand how you (the developers) believe its even partly fair.

and well the space combat isn't that much better but atleast then you have 15% of a chance to survive if you get swamped

I'm saying this as a rear admiral.

What the ground pvp needs

1. Designated spawn zones with multiple exits to avoid camping

2. More intellgant expose and exploit system, so that you can't simply expose one and one shot them, it should be more difficult to expose in pvp.

3. Less CC or a immunity after the first stun/hold etc for atleast 10 seconds.

4. Fabrications need to have a point, i mean i feel as if i am getting no benefit from having them down. One person using an exploit attack without myself being exposed takes me down to 0 shield and sometimes some of my life. and the fabrications barely have time to help.

5. Ground combat to just to fast, it needs to be toned slowed down by a combination of reduced damage, more resists less CC less expose/exploits.

I'm saying this as a rear admiral, it really needs work sometime, i appreciate the developers have other problems with sorting out the Klingons but after that it would be really good if you acted upon the pvp since why put so much work into making klingons enjoyable yet when they enter pvp its nothing short than "who ever gets the most players together fastest" wins.

Thank you.