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02-12-2010, 05:12 PM
They are stuck in superhero-villian confortation dynamics Old Mario Brothers/Karate Champ "boss" models.

We want, sensible, tactical/strategic war thinking, reasonably modeled combat dynamics...from guys who havent honestly delved into the intellectual/academic or even elementary aspects of combat, war, etc.

I cant imagine any of these guys have ever put their body and physical well being on the line for anything or anyone(not in sports, not in a job/profession, not as a combatant) how can they relate from a warrior spirit mind-set or from a practical combat protocol/doctrine/procedures/techniques?

Thats not an insult to them...just a probable reality that explains their seperation, inability or unwillingness to produce anything resembling a war in game...oh yeah, and because they have to make it simple for noobs and the geeral "non-thinking" public.

Does Cryptic have one miliry advisor on naval Officer, one Airforce Officer(because starship space combat applies to both). Is there one current or past high school athlete from a contact sport, one war historian, one guy who plays and does reasonably well at combat "sims"(not any typical FPS or BF1942 stuff)?

Nope, we are putting our hopes on guys who likly equate combat to the "Legend of Zelda" or "Final Fantasy Blah" or "WoW". War?...they likly dont even know where to start...and I doubt they are willing to come to us to aid them.