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02-12-2010, 04:53 PM
Originally Posted by Gatness View Post
Thankfully I don't have my powers getting rearanged, It defults to the single bar on login and continues to dump my weapons into the first available slot every time I zone. I find that very very annoying.
Heck, I could live with that although I can understand your annoyance, it is the 5 minutes it takes to rearrange my entire hot bar all the time that is bothering me.

I just did some more testing and it seems that it happens mostly when changing the control scheme from ground to space, so I would guess that the bug is related to the switching between the profiles.

I truly hope it is an easy bug to find and fix for the devs. I am going to do some more testing to find out exactly on how to reproduce this (if I can) and then submit a ticket. Hopefully this will help.