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02-12-2010, 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by Beraskus
And what about fairness to everyone not flying a Promethius class?
As per any advantages, disadvantages would occur, obviously.
For example, since instead of having one shield around your one ship, you're going to end up having three more fragile vessels doing more damage. As per anything, it's a trade-off.
It really isn't unlike the current cruisers vs escorts vs science vessels. And not only that, but seeing that currently this game has only 3 "classes" (and even then, they all can do pretty much anything), it would allow branching gameplay, which could open the doors to further classes and specializations.

What about fairness?
No game is ever fair as there will always be something that someone else will have that you wish you had for your own class.
Damn those cruisers with 4/4 to my 4/3 escort at admiral level!!