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02-12-2010, 05:53 PM
I would think the other problem with a ship splitting into 3 different sections for whatever period of time would be power management. When you have one ship, you have one shield generator and one energy pathway to get to the multiple beam weapons. If you split the ship into three sections, suddenly you need three shield generators and the two sections without the warp core are going to need alternate power routing to power the beams. That also implies another issue in itself: Shields and weapons require significant energy to power them, presumeably from the single warp core, which is why you can buff them only with a substantial loss to speed and auxilliary systems. If you seperate the ship, the other two sections do not have access to the warp core to provide power and the impulse engines are wholly insufficient for the task (note: you would need three impulse engines as well, unless you only wanted manuvering thrusters and that seems like suicide).

Also, having the ship split into three would make for a much easier target to take out than if it remained whole. For example: It is significantly easier to take out three AI Bird-of-Preys than it is to take out a Neg'vahr, and that's with them each having full power from a warp core, which you would lack...