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02-12-2010, 07:42 PM
Originally Posted by ufpstarfleet View Post
Is that canon or conjecture?
This is the "hand down" from CBS to Cryptic. I read it here on the old ships page. The bit about it not being feasible is from a developer interview some time back. I can't remember who. I want to say Jack, Maybe zink, but I am not certain. From what i recall from that interview whom ever it was said they messed around with it but it simply didn't work for the reasons I cited.

As far as Canon goes, given what I have seen over the last year, STO is best classified as "medium" rather than either soft or hard canon. STO obeys hard and ignores soft and can be taken as hard or not at all in future development of the core IP. So, until we see something contradicting this MVA issue with the Prometheus in confirmed hard canon, it probably should be taken as "firm" if not hard.