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02-12-2010, 10:03 PM
Originally Posted by LoKi_
I got hit with VM in the middle of a fedball today whislt i had my science team II activeand about 20 sec left on the buff..

I fire VM at people whislt they have emergency power to shields .. or reverse shield polarity active it hits virtually everytime.

Sometimes I fire VM at someone that has no buffs and it doesnt stick (I think this one is just lag and the special misfires but the animation goes off anyway)

Anyway there seems to be some problems in PVP with special misfiring sometimes .. mostly happens at peak US time when the server is getting full.
sci team only works on vm to remove an existing vm it dosnt not work to counter vm if the vm hits after the sci team was used

and i did no state that useing an emergancy power to skill was the cause of the vm not sticking i meraly started that there was a statistical correlation with doing so those that understand statistics will understand the differnace im sure lag has somthing to do with it but my testing moslty takes place shortly before euro prime time and thus the game is less laggy at the time