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So I received a new science officer request, and when I looked her over, I noticed she had Jam Sensors III. My current one had Jam Sensors I, and that interested me. I wanted to keep my old Science Officer, so instead of having the new one join my crew, I opted to have her train Jam Sensors to her. When I look on the skills list for her, I noticed she had Jam Sensors III listed there under Lieutenant skill. On the abilities tray, however, she is still listed as having Jam Sensors I. In fact, she has two ensign level abilities (not sure why), and not 1 ensign, and 1 lieutenant ability. She is lieutenant rank, and I have a tier 3 ship with Lieutenant science station. What am I not getting here? I know it must be something simple. Is the ability being ranked as the tier III ability, and it's just still labeled as tier I?