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02-12-2010, 10:32 PM
to develop decent pve for fed or kligon wont happen any time soon(if ever) partilay for the reasosn coco stated they are not ina true war mindset they are ina lets make a co/coh style space game mindset

but there npc ai is horrible and takes no skill to beat at all (which is why most feds suck at pvp) and why a singel player maranda can kill a negvar or player brel a typhoon or what anoys me the most a singel t5 player can kill hordes of cubes(ships that kill whole fleets in shows/movies) so to deal with the fact that there ai and npc combat model is horible the way they increase the difficulty is instead of making a challenging a opponent they throw more and more crapy ones at you ie the mine field fa which all but the dreadnught can be soloable and the dreadnought only takes 2

and since fas take much longer than a pvp match give you less exp and pointless rewards
i mean at lvl 44 i did the mine feild with fleet mates for 25 min of work( we could have do 2-3 pvp matches) my "reward" for completing it was a mark 2 blue sci console

but sadly they will probably fix that before we would get any form of meaningful pvp