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02-12-2010, 10:28 PM
Originally Posted by Ayenn
The saucer section cannot warp; No warp drive.

Or it was a bug where in the saucer was not visible. The beams the stardrive was shooting were coming of the starboard and port emitters on the invisible saucer.
If I'm not mistaken, the saucer solo could achieve warp 1. I have this hung in my head from the Q episode with the Borg. If you'll remember, they separated at a very high warp speed. If the saucer didn't have a deflector field it would have been shredded instantly by the velocity.

I'm all for MVAM, just make it a BO power for tactical/Engineering in the 4th slot...simply an alternate remake of the photonic fleet. It's already possible to alter a model on the fly as proven by the ship damage.