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02-12-2010, 11:14 PM
Originally Posted by Xcrosser View Post
Overall I think VM is technically "Broken" I enjoy the skill as I use it..however if you've ever had it done to you theres a marker on your UI that also has "Hold-Near Immunity" which lasts for 30 seconds (I believe) which for anyone with common sense can figure out what that is meant for..however I've found myself reinfected while that is in effect. As for being able to use Sci Team after being infected I think that is a good idea too, but then you run into the problem with everyone running around with a science team and using it right after they get VM'd...negating the skill completely and making it near obsolete. I currently have VM III on my Science BO lasts 34 seconds I believe..that is a LONG time in combat be it PVE or PVP and if it's 1 on 1 I'm sure to win reguardless.

I've also seen times when entering combat and using VM that upon impact nothing happens to the target and they continue to move about and fire upon me like normal. I don't know the full workings of the skill, such as possible resistance but I think there should be something in there also reguarding inate resistance maybe going off AUX power vs. skill tier/level ie: VM III at 9.

I agree that getting infected seconds after recovering is pure crap though even if it's someone stacking VM on their BO's or multiple people using it cooperatively.
The npc may have used attack pattern omega in those cases where you used it but it seemed to have no effect. Or then again they may have had a science buff running at the time you used it.

In my opinion VM regardless of stacking or version is a gimp skill anyways. Pretty much all the top tier ships can have constant invulnerability to it just by having 2 Science Teams cycled on their ship at all times.

I know on my science ship that no one nor npcs ever get anywhere with me using it. I constantly cycle "Science Team" on my ship so that the buff is always on. Since at rank 9 the refresh is 45 seconds and the science team buff lasts 30 seconds that means that with 2 Science teams(versions don't matter) that you can have it constantly up on your ship. Pretty much any ship out there that has at least one lieutenant science station can do that easily.