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02-12-2010, 11:27 PM
I appreciate what your trying to do but lets tackle something a little bit more substantive than the uni's shall we.

Ranks and mate? So what i have noticed when you open up the rank screen you can click on the various ranks. On the right side is some check boxes corresponding to privlidges. Now here is what I initially assumed. Click and highlight the rank in question (you can change the rank name if you want here as well) and then click the various privliges you would like assigned to that rank.

I was completely WRONG! I assigned certain privledges to the senior officer only to discover that i had assigned those to every rank even the recruits. So i quickly removed most of the privledges of the recruits only to note that it had removed the privledges from all the ranks!

So whatever you assign effects all ranks simultaneously. This kind of makes having different ranks and different privledges a mute and useless point. So i figure I am doing something wrong or there is a huge bug in the fleet controls.

Anyone smarter than I am when it comes to ranks, privi's and fleets?

PS For some damned reason I cant spell privledges tonight to save my own life!