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02-12-2010, 11:36 PM
Originally Posted by ExpendableCrewman View Post
When are the Klingons gonna get there Orion Slave Girl Outfits? U know like the ones ALL the npcs wear........... while they are at it when are we gonna get more than just ONE costume option? AND when can we get rid of those stupid collars? I dont like having one on my female BO's it looks like im into DOM.

Plz some answers would b niic, if anyone know or has any of these elusive answers or they are in some new and upcoming patch plz, plz lemme know... thnx.

<Lets not forget that several hundered people play as the Klingons as well plz>
While I agree with you on the cosmetic issues, I'd rather the developers work on content patches right now, and for that matter, who can respect your post after reading the title... It's not that difficult, to make yourself sound more intelligent and less uneducated, repeat after me:
They're sitting in their car, over there.
Now you try. Once you get that, we'll work on You're vs. your, and two/too/to, and are/our.
for a more advanced topic we'll explain later that would/should/could "of" also doesn't exist, it's have, not of... the "of" mistake comes from people hearing the contraction Would've...
sigh. I really don't care if your grammar is right, or if your punctuation is correct, I just want people to not use the completely wrong word for things. Is that too much to ask?