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02-12-2010, 11:48 PM
Originally Posted by Ausar_513
While I agree with you on the cosmetic issues, I'd rather the developers work on content patches right now, and for that matter, who can respect your post after reading the title... It's not that difficult, to make yourself sound more intelligent and less uneducated, repeat after me:
They're sitting in their car, over there.
Now you try. Once you get that, we'll work on You're vs. your, and two/too/to, and are/our.
for a more advanced topic we'll explain later that would/should/could "of" also doesn't exist, it's have, not of... the "of" mistake comes from people hearing the contraction Would've...
sigh. I really don't care if your grammar is right, or if your punctuation is correct, I just want people to not use the completely wrong word for things. Is that too much to ask?
Oh so sorry grammar police!!! Please a thousand pardon's Oh wise, great and mighty GRAMMAR police!!!!!!
Please do not take our spoils of war which we have wasted another through conquest to obtain........

Gimme a break man I dont care about typing, I was doing ten things at once as if it mattered anyway. Sorry if this affects your opinion of me so highly. If this does then please by all means ignore me and dont respond to any of my posts it wont hurt my feelings NONE trust me <some more improper grammar>

BUT if you can look past one or two grammatical errors made by me not caring since you obvioulsy got the general idea of my post like EVERYONE else then PLZ respond accordingly and if you know something I dont do tell.

PS Also Mr grammar police you have had a grammar fail.... in critiqueing my bad typing/spelling/grammar skillz you neglectd to point out the improper sentence structure and continuing paragraphs I use due to the fact that I refuse to use periods

Why? you ask? well I dont know why you didnt spot this maybe cuz you werent that good in grammar school at the grammar police academy I dont know. I do know this I CAN spell and type and even use proper syntax when forming and expressing each and every idea HOWEVER I dont want to cuz its the internetz and im LAZY and thats just how I roll.