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02-13-2010, 12:53 AM
The way I do it is take all the food that drops and throw it in my inv for my tribble farm. Any hypos that drop always goto me unless I'm full. All my Bofs have an out of combat heal tribble. Basically ALL the power cells goto my bofs as well as shield thingies. I want my away team doing as much damage as possible and tanking so that the heat gets taken off me. I'm an engineer so I usually open a pull by throwing down generatos. My away team gets the message and generally opens fire which means they get the aggro and not me. That way I can maneuver about and start picking off targets. IF it's a nasty boss I tell the entire away team to focus fire. And sometimes when I'm feeling evil I'll take a red shirt with me and just send him in there to die because that is just standard Trek.