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02-13-2010, 12:01 AM
Ok heres a counter point..

Klinks usually are sitting 20km away from you.. why.. because recently sci ship have been pegging cloakers 15-18km out..

Asfar as cloak being a problem it isn't .. the problem is mostly in the que system and this .. well if i decloak i will get autofired in 2 seconds mentality.. usually they are waiting on "Joe" to tank .. so thye can sneak in and get their shots off.

Paper ships means more paranoia when it comes to wanting to decloak...

There is no clear solution . but the one your offering will allow 1 sci ship to full impulse in circles spaming that.

The "end game" solution atm for klinks.. is the carrier.. and they can not cloak.. but then when it tanks well against a fed ball nerfs are called... so.. paper ships with cloak.. or well tanked vessel with a nerf..

So far feds are greedy as usual and want both.. I realize after all that fighting against pve ships.. we must be really hard npcs and need a nerf so ppl can win..